Feb 05, 2023

Pharmacy Management Software – Prime Features and Benefits

  • By Kayleigh,
Pharmacy Management Software - Prime Feature and Benefits

Healthcare organizations aim to make patients feel safe and offer them the proper medication and faster healing. It’s only possible when a pharmacy is able to store the data correctly, the entire system is organized, and appropriate prescription is selected based on background data analysis. An effective Pharmacy Management System is one of the most critical links in the chain that keeps pharmacies working smoothly and efficiently. From the management of prescriptions to clinical decision support, the software plays an all-encompassing role. If you want to benefit from a feature-rich pharmacy management solution, below are some features and benefits that you must be aware of.

What Is A Pharmacy Management System (PMS)?

It’s a tool that helps pharmacies record and automate routine processes, simplifying and streamlining workflows and processes such as billing, customer management, drug stock control, medical claims management, prescription processing, management of dietary supplements, medical supplies, and hygiene items.


Inventory management

A pharmacy management system keeps track of the drug supply and performs an audit trail. The software allows pharmacists to manage supplies and record stock levels, enabling them to make data-driven decisions. The software comes with several other features for inventory management, including:

  • It connects ERP, marketplaces, and online stores.
  • It links warehouses to the inventory system.
  • It involves minimal downtime for stocking inventory.
  • Products can be added, updated, and deleted in bulk. An accurate measure of medications can be recorded.
  • Promotes transparency.

Electronic Prescriptions

Prescription errors and prescribing faults often lead to erroneous medical decisions, which can seriously harm patients. Pharmacy management systems offer e-prescriptions, which are generated using Electronic Health records. Below are the benefits provided by e-prescriptions:

  • They are user-friendly and eliminate paperwork.
  • They help avoid confusion.
  • Eliminate errors while dispensing medicines.
  • Pharmacy operations become data-driven.
  • They are shareable via emails and SMS.
  • They are cost-effective.

Supply Management

A sound pharmacy management system ensures a smooth supply of products in the following ways:

  • It sets reorder for medications.
  • It determines the product performance.
  • It helps pharmacists to stay notified and organized.
  • When stock levels become low, the system automatically reorders products.
  • Automated demand and supply records enable better performance.

Alerts and SMS

The software notifies pharmacists if any medicine is about to expire or if their patients require the drug soon. Patients also receive messages in advance when their next dose of medication is due, enhancing patients’ safety and satisfaction. It also sends alerts about restocking and low inventory.


Proper reporting and data analysis are very important for informed decision-making and boosting revenues. The pharmacy management system makes reporting efficient by:

  • Generating reports to check the wholesalers’ performance.
  • Automatically managing the inventory.
  • Calculating the number of medications required.
  • Providing a complete account of the pharma business activities.

All the data pertaining to different people that pharmacists deal with, including – patients, doctors, sales reps, and medical professionals, is kept in the system for analysis and better decision making.

Management of Doctor/MR Commission

A pharmacy management software can track which MR or doctor’s prescription sold which medicine in the pharmacy. This enables easier management of doctor or medical representative’s commission.

Centralized database

It holds the patient’s data at a centralized location, enabling easy data retrieval. Some benefits of centralized database feature are:

  • Easy management of transactional records.
  • Elimination of data loss.
  • Enhanced patient convenience and satisfaction.
  • Simplified data search.
  • Secure data access.
  • Easier drug report generation.
  • Complete visibility of inventory.
  • Real-time data analysis.

Data backup and restoration

Inventory data and patients’ sensitive records are always at risk. A good pharmacy management software comes with a data backup and restoration feature that prevents data loss. It also eliminates errors during data retrieval and restoration. Some features that ensure Data protection are:

  • Automatic backup schedules.
  • Data restoration service.
  • There are no size limitations for data backup.

Compliance Management

There are several rules and regulations that protect against the dispensing of fake prescribed medications and standardize the dispense of medication. PMS tools allow pharmacists to stay updated with the latest compliance needs.

Customer Management

Like any other industry, customer management is vital to maintaining pharmacy businesses. Some features that enable efficient customer management are:

  • Patients’ record maintenance.
  • It dynamically adds new customers.
  • Stores customers’ responses and feedback.
  • Helps manage customer requirements.
  • Easy navigation and retrieval of information.
  • Management of multiple patient profiles.

Benefits of Pharmacy Management System

  • As every transaction is processed quickly and accurately, it leads to higher customer satisfaction.
  • Better accessibility leads to better control over pharmacy operations.
  • It simplifies data storage and retrieval and eliminates paper-based workflows.
  • It enables the pharmacists to manage processing and billing, manage patient profiles, manage accounts receivable, manage claims, smoothen their workflow, and control inventory management.
  • It helps maintain a drug profile repository with all the essential details, such as the substitutes and composition of the medicine.
  • It automates the barcode labeling of products.
  • It automatically sends email and SMS alerts to consumers about different promotional schemes.

Wrap Up

Medicines are lifesavers; hence they must be handled with great care. A reliable Pharmacy Management tool can significantly boost the efficiency of a pharmacy and improve healthcare outcomes with better and more accurate medication delivery.


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